Chapter 7 - Human Resources

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The following information of 3 questions about the Running Case: Case found on page 204, which will be demonstrated in point form and short paragraphs: In order for Pierre and Jennifer to consider about the restructure of LearnInMotion’s selection process, they should consider a few things, who will be the right people to participate in this selection process which could incorporate:  Individuals who are educated about this position  Colleagues who are working on similar projects This can include one person (either Pierre or Jennifer) to several people who are committed. If Pierre and Jennifer do restructure LearnInMotion’s selection process, they should include an equal amount of women as they do men whenever it’s possible. They then can follow to plan this by reviewing resumes to select candidates that can be interviewed as soon as possible. Pierre and Jennifer should also look at the list of job-related criteria that are parallel to this selection. It will also be the foundation to develop interview questions. Some of these criteria examples will be position requirements for interview and screening. The following information below are some criteria examples:  Knowledgeable of the job / Education  Communication skills  Relevant/equivalent work experience  Technical abilities or skills  Management skills  Supervision and delegation experience I do believe that Pierre and Jennifer should utilize the Multiple Hurdle Strategy because then they would be recruiting and this will be beneficial to LearnInMotion. When they you the Multiple Hurdle Strategy, they can establish who will be hired from good qualifications. This is great for small businesses because they can hire individuals through these selection steps. This strategy can then be based on the job specification and job specification by clearing the hurdle which can help
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