Chapter 5: Police Issues And Practices

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Chapter 5: Police Issues and Practices Practical and Legislative Reponses Chapter 5 discusses law enforcement and how they enforce the law and keep terrorist from committing crimes. The chapter talks about the different jobs law enforcement have, which makes their job much harder. They are constantly under a microscope for the way they do their job when it comes to dealinh with the public, guarding border control, and exercising their force perogative. The first topic mentioned is Terrorism and the procedures the law enforcement must take in order to stop terrorist. Also mentioned is how to determine the level of police force, suicide by cop, policy - and supervisory - related aspects of vehicle pursuit and also contagious shooting. After that there is the issue about women and minorities and how those situations should be handled. Video: This video is a snipet from a News station covering the Patriot Act. In Grandville County a mother claims her son was taken into custody and imprisoned with no answers or reason why. Her 16 year old son as believed to be part of a terrorist movement on the US. 10 armed FBI agents stormed the home with no warning and arrested the 16 year old for allegedly making numerous bomb threats; after extensively searching the home nothing was…show more content…
The Act was passed a month after 9/11 and some people it was some what rushed. There are many issues with the Patriot Act that strongly violates citizens rights. Many were arrested for no reason without any charges filed against them, and to make things worse they were never given a fair trial. The majority of the procedures law enforcement take to protect the public are done by following the law, but the Patriot Act clearly violates their rights but nothing can be done to stop

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