Chapter 5 Nt1230 Fill in the Blanks

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JOHN CROZIER NT1230 CLIENT-SERVER NETWORKING UNIT 3 PROBLEM SET 1 MR T. PIERCE FILL IN THE BLANK 1. A software routine, which also acts as a filter that blocks certain type of incoming and outgoing traffic, while enabling other types is called a __________________. Answer: Firewall 2. The __________________ tool provides a central access point for all of the network controls and connections on a computer running Windows 7. Answer: Network and Sharing Center 3. A device that connects one network to another is called a __________________. Answer: Router 4. The most common method for illustrating the operations of a networking stack is the __________________, which consists of __________________ layers. Answer: Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) reference model, seven 5. Protocols that do not guarantee delivery of their data, but do operate with a very low overhead that conserve network bandwidth are called __________________. Answer: Connectionless Protocols 6. The Windows 7 command-line utility that can tell you if the TCP/IP stack of another system on the network is functioning normally is called __________________. Answer: Ping.exe 7. The Windows 7 command-line utility that enables you to generate DNS request messages and then transmit them to specific DNS servers on the network is called __________________. Answer: Nslookup.exe 8. Most networks use __________________ to dynamically assign addresses and configure computers to use them. Answer: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) 9. The Windows 7 utility that displays a list of the routers currently forwarding packets to a particular destination is called __________________. Answer: Tracert.exe 10. The top and bottom layers of the OSI model are called the __________________ and ________________ layers. Answer: Application,

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