Chapter 5 Gatsby Essay

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Nick explains Gatsby’s “expression of bewilderment that had come back in to Gatsby’s face.”(pg.95) as Gatsby’s way of remembering Daisy differently than who she is now. Over the past five years Gatsby has built Daisy up in his head to be the perfect woman, yet in actually Daisy is different from Gatsby’s imagination. At first, things are awkward for Gatsby and Daisy and the reality begins to set in that they are actually seeing each other face to face. Gatsby begins to reveal his true self as an insecure love obsessed man rather than the highly wealthy educated man. Nick doesn’t think that it is Daisy’s fault that most likely she cannot live up to Gatsby’s dream of her because no human can be exactly someone imagines them in their head for so long. Gatsby reveals the large amount of compassionate love he has for Daisy. Since he strives to meet Daisy again and because he finally achieves it, he hardly believes that it ever happens. Gatsby feels his extra efforts are necessary in order to please Daisy in his appearance. Gatsby's many actions in dedication of Daisy give his character a more amiable twist than a standard wealthy man who can't afford to be so friendly to anyone. His will to do anything for Daisy sets him apart from the rest of the characters because he has indisputable actions and motivation; his love for Daisy is sweet and real rather than superficial feelings that Tom has for Daisy. Tom views Daisy as a way to show off his wealth, class and social status. Gatsby loves Daisy for who she is even if it means dressing up or going back around the house once Daisy arrives at Nick's. Gatsby is a symbol of genuine love and affection in a society where love is based on public perceptions of wealth. Despite Gatsby being newly rich and spends his money on unnecessary items he still has morals when it come to

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