Chapter 4 Misassignment

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Suppose that your roommate, a political science major, asks you to help her purchase a new laptop computer. She wants to use the computer for email, Internet access, and for note-taking in class. She wants to spend less than $1,000. 1. What CPU, memory, and disk specification do you recommend? I recommend Toshiba notebook L800-S22W. The price is less than $1,000. And he CPU is Intel core i5 dual-core processor, 4 GB of the memory and 750 GB of the hard dick is suitable for her to install a mount of applications, software and storage of learning materials. Because she is a political science major not a computer major, so she just uses the computer for email, Internet access, and for note-taking in class. That is enough with this one. 1. What software does she need? She needs to take notes software like Word or Power Point and E-mail. And a browser, just one browser is enough. And a antivirus programs. May be some time she wants to watch TV show or listen music, she can have Related software like PPTV and Spotity. 3. Shop,, and for the best computer deal. I think, the best computer deal is The reason is it is suitable for student use. The operating system of it is windows and the memory, and the price is reasonable and most of students can afford to purchase it. 4. Which computer would you recommend, and why? I would recommend Toshiba computer. Because Toshiba is a famous international brand and it has a relatively low

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