Chapter 4: Honors Biology Questions And Answers

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Honors Biology Chapter 4 Study Guide 1. Describe the structure of the organelles described in chapter 4. ex)nucleus has a double membrane and nuclear pores. very basic 2. If a cell has an extensive Golgi apparatus what function/process would you expect that cell to do? stores proteins and alot of exporting (sending stuff out of the cell) 3. In which part of the cell would you expect to find nucleotides? building block for DNA, DNA found in the nucleus 4. Name the two organelles involved in energy conversion.chloroplast and mitochondria 5. What are the basic functions of the organelles in chapter 4? (see quiz) 6. What is cellular metabolism?chemical reactions or chemical activities happening in a cell 7. What is chromatin? What might happen to a cell with damaged chromatin? a certain form of DNA, if your DNA is messed up then the cell will not be controlled because it effcects the nucleus…show more content…
What is the cell’s cytoplasm? Are all organelles found in the cytoplasm? Is the nucleus part of the cytoplasm?inside of the membrane and outside of the nucleus. Most are found, the nulceus is not part of the cytoplasm 9. What is the difference between prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cells? What are the names for the two major groups of prokaryotes? both have a cell membrance on the outside and both have ribosomes but the eucaryotic only have membrane bound organelles. both can have the cell wal. euc. have nucleus but the prok hve nucleotide. the two groups of pro. are bacteria and

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