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CHAPTER 14 JONES AND CHAPTER 15 DELMAR 5 Abbreviations IOP-Intraocular Pressure REM- Rapid Eye Movement VA- Visual acuity BOM- bilateral otitis media ENT- Ear, Nose, Throat 10 Completions Swimmers Ear-Otitis Externa-Inflammation of the outer or external ear canal. Tympanoplasty- surgical repair of the tympanic membrane Retinopathy-any disease of the retina Audiometry- process of measuring how well individual hears various sound waves Otitis media- ear infection-inflammation of the inner ear Mastoiditis- inflammation of the mastoid. Usually acute expansion of infection in middle ear Vertigo- sensation of spinning Acoustic- pertaining to sound or hearing Presbycusis- loss of hearing due to natural age process Labyrinthitis- inflammation of the inner ear. 10 matching Latryinthitis- inflammation of the inner ear Miotic- an agent that causes pupil of eye to constrict Floaters- one or more spots that appear to drift or float across visual field. Cycloplegia- paralysis of the ciliary muscle of the eye Otalgia- pain in the ear; earache Ambiopia- double vision caused by each eye focusing separetly Photophobia- abnormal sensitivity to light (eyes) Blepharospasm- twitching of the eye lid muscle due to eye strain or nervous irritability. Dacryoadenitis- inflammation of tear gland. (lacrimal) Mydriatic- an agent that causes pupil of eye to dialate. 20 MC Another name for stye? Nordeoleum Another name for far-sightedness? Hyperopia Another name for near-sightedness? Myopia Inflammation of the eye-lid margin? Blepharitis Inflammation of the mucous membrane in the eye cover front part of eye ball (pink eye)? Conjuctivitis Abnormal protrusion of the eyeball called what? Exophthalmia Drooping of the eyelid that—lazyeye—bletharoptosis What happens when lens of eye becomes cloudy, looses normal transparency and alters vision? Cataracs

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