Chapter 30 Argumentative Essay

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Janine Watson English 203.04 August 26, 2014 Chapter 30 “Verbs” Exercise 30.1 1. The baby sitter ________ (let) the children play with my schoolbooks, and before I _____ (come) home, they had __________ (tear) out several pages. 2. After they had ___________ (review) the evidence, the jury ________ (find) the defendant not guilty. 3. Hypnosis _________ (work) only on willing participants. 4. My parents__________ (plant) a tree for me in the town where I was born, but I have never ______ (go) back to see it. 5. Some residents ___________ (know) that the levee was leaking long before the storms, but authorities ______________ (ignore) the complaints. 6. I _____________ (paint) a picture from a photography of…show more content…
The two-year-old walked carefully across the room and (set/sat) the glass vase on the table. 4. Grandpa used to love (sitting/setting) on the front porch and telling stories of his childhood. 5. Almost immediately, the dough (sitting/setting) by the warm oven began to (raise/rise). Exercise 30.3 1. History ___________ (show) that crime usually decreases as the economy improves. 2. Ever since the first nuclear power plants were built, opponents _______________ (fear) disaster. 3. Thousands of Irish peasant’s ______________________ (emigrate) to America after the potato famine of the 1840s. 4. The soap opera General Hospital ________________ (be) on the air since 1963. 5. Olivia __________________ (direct) the play next year. 6. While they_____________ (eat) in a neighborhood restaurant, they witnessed a minor accident. 7. By this time next week, each of your clients ____________ (receive) an invitation to the opening. 8. By the time a child was born today enters first grade, he or she ______________ (watch) thousands of commercials. 9. In one of the novel’s most famous scenes, Huck _______________________ (express) his willingness to go to hell rather than report Jim as an escaped

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