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Chapter 23 - Organizational Architecture Essay

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  • on July 9, 2013
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Chapter 23 - Organizational Architecture


CHAPTER SUMMARY Management innovations, such as total quality management and business process reengineering, rise and fall in popularity and, to some, appear as fads. This chapter uses the framework in the book to provide an economic explanation of this phenomenon. The chapter argues that many of these innovations are not simply fads and can be value increasing for the right firms. Innovations, however, often fail to meet managerial expectations and the chapter discusses why. The chapter highlights the managerial implications of this analysis and presents a case study. The chapter is intended to be a concluding chapter that focuses on some of the key managerial insights of the Organizational Architecture framework.

CHAPTER OUTLINE MANAGEMENT INNOVATIONS THE DEMAND FOR MANAGEMENT INNOVATIONS The Rise of TQM Other Innovations Reengineering JIT Historical Application: JIT vs. Homeland Security Outsourcing WHY MANAGEMENT INNOVATIONS OFTEN FAIL Marketing Setting Inappropriate Expectations Quality Is Not Free Underestimating Costs of Change Reengineering EVA ABC Academic Application: ABC and Business Strategy Failure to Consider Other Legs of the Stool MANAGING CHANGES IN ORGANIZATIONAL ARCHITECTURE Managerial Application: Sequencing Organizational Changes at GM SUMMARY Environmental Change Prompts Innovation If It Ain‟t Broke, Don‟t Fix It One Size Doesn‟t Fit All

Chapter 23 - Organizational Architecture

Don‟t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew Organizational Change Checklist In Closing TEACHING THE CHAPTER This chapter contains several key lessons and students would benefit from reading it. The material in the chapter is relatively straightforward and should not require extensive lecturing. There are not many Managerial Applications in the chapter but there are several examples within the chapter...

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