Chapter 2 Essay

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Pg 71 Short Answers 1. Works directly with the customer 2. Pseudocode is fake code. 3. Input is received, Some process is performed on the input, Output is produced 4. To describe programs that are easy to use. Algorithm Workbench #1 1. Have user enter his/her height 2. Store input in height variable #2 1. Enter your first favorite color 2. Store first favorite color in variable first_fav 3. Enter your second favorite color 4. Store second favorite color in variable second_fav 5. Enter your third favorite color 6. Store third favorite color in variable third_fav 7. Enter your fourth favorite color 8. Store fourth favorite color in variable fourth_fav 9. Enter your fifth favorite color 10. Store fifth favorite color in variable fifth_fav Programming Exercise Question #1 Module Module1 Sub Main() Dim name As String Dim address As String Dim telephone As String Dim major As String Console.Write("What is your name? ") name = Console.ReadLine() Console.Write("What is your address, city, state, and zip? ") address = Console.ReadLine() Console.Write("What is your telephone numbe? ") telephone = Console.ReadLine() Console.Write("What is your is your major? ") major = Console.ReadLine() Console.WriteLine("Your name is " & name) Console.WriteLine("Your addres is " & address) Console.WriteLine("Your telephone number is " & telephone) Console.WriteLine("" & name & " your major is " & major) Console.Write("Press Enter to contine....") Console.ReadLine() End Sub End Module #4 Module Module1 Sub Main() Dim item1 As Double Dim item2 As Double Dim item3 As Double

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