Chapter 2 Essay

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Chapter 2 Many students report that procrastination is their number one obstacle to success in school, work and their personal lives. After you have read the articles on procrastination on pages 86-87 in BAMS, please discuss a few (two or more) situations in your life in which you regularly procrastinate and which of the anti-procrastination strategies as suggested in the text might be most appropriate for each situation. Don't forget to respond to your classmates' postings as well! Reading in the article "procrastination", I discovered that my style is dreamer, I have big dreams but rarely I translate them into specific plans. I acknowledge that I have been a procrastinator in many ways, especially when I have projects with due date in long-term, thinking I'll have time enough to do them. Also, I procrastinated in my daily routine sometimes because I am fatigued after a long day at work and I have to postpone whatever I was scheduled for that moment. Now, if I choose an anti-procrastination strategy it would be Find my own reward, for example, I'll promise to myself my favorite seafood meal to savor it in a good restaurant. Another strategy I would pick from the articles it would be: settle it now, taking an action immediately without thinking too much, in this way, I am avoiding the procrastination, letting myself free of stress that produces postpone things for later. I had the same problem of procrastinating studying a day before the test, but one day I committed myself to make an effort to start studying at least three days before the test. Sometimes it's not easy keeping promises, but working on time it brings good benefits. I have learned to work in advance too, but I still need to work in certain areas that I have yet procrastination problems, especially with those that are for long term. Bottom of

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