Chapter 18 Question Paper

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Chapter 18 Practice 1. When writing proposals, A. limit the document to one to four pages. B. include an urge to action in the body of the document. C. choose a unique and unexpected format to capture the attention of your audience. D. end with a brief but strong summary of major benefits of having you do the work. 2. Which of the following would require a business plan prepared for an audience who is in a position to lend your company money? A. A class research project B. A recommendation progress report C. A proposal for funding D. A sales proposal 3. In which of the following sections of a proposal for a class research project would you be most likely to include a draft of your survey questions? A. Call to Action B. Problem C. Methods D.…show more content…
asking for significantly less than you think you will need to fund the project. D. including costs that will be paid from other sources. 7. Which of the following is the best reason to use positive emphasis in a progress report? A. To keep your boss from realizing until the project is complete that you have completely changed the direction of your project B. To hope your teacher doesn't notice that you really haven't done any work yet C. To create an image of yourself as a capable, confident worker D. To deemphasize the fact that you have already used up all the money allocated to the project 8. A recommendation progress report uses measurable statements to summarize progress in terms of the stated goals and the original schedule. True False 9. In a sales proposal to sell computers to a firm, which of the following would be most appropriate in creating language appropriate to the audience? A. Use the simplest language possible so that your audience will understand no matter how little they know about computers. B. Find out how much the audience knows and use language slightly more complicated than the audience is comfortable with, so that you can look expert in explaining the

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