Chapter 17 Apush Essay

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Chapter 17 Essay During the period of 1865-1900, the average worker in the United States of America works in some sort of way that contributes to the industrial supremacy. The average worker is probably going to be working in the city most likely in a sort of factory. However, also during this period, working conditions were very unorthodox to all workers. Most workers are not doing so well however, because these kind of corporations are paying very little to their workers, probably because there was no legal minimal wage. Since most union efforts failed, large corporations that owned companies were not legally obligated to comply with workers’ needs. Therefore, working conditions were almost always vey gruesome and unsafe for workers, many workers died working in common factory accidents. The average worker also did not have many rights, probably because of the failure of most unionizing efforts. This was a probable cause of other issues such as competition with foreigners such as the Irish. Working conditions at this period of time, 1965-1900, working conditions were very bad for the average worker in the United States. For example, after the civil war, the average worker was making 400$ to 500$ a year. When 600$ was considered the minimum to have a considerable level of stability. This wage drop in most people was due to factory owners who weren’t obligated to pay workers with reasonable amounts of income. The average worker struggled because of this and very few industrial workers were able to thrive. Also, their working conditions often times also threatened the employment of many workers because if a factory was not doing well because of new technological advancements or the boom-and-bust cycle, their pay could be suddenly cut or even worse, they could instantly get laid away. The average worker in the US struggled a lot economically, wages were lower than

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