A Different Mirror Analysis

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Gloria Professor Cuddy HIST 101 13 December 2013 American Dilemmas In Chapter 14 of A Different Mirror by Ronald Takaki, the author describes various stories of many clashing ethnicities and the aspects of World War II in the United States. After the surprise attack of the Japanese planes, the bombing on Pearl Harbor was devastating and wounded America. Racial tension increased but it also brought all nationalities close together in a way they would’ve not imagined. Mexican, African, Japanese, Chinese, and Native Americans forged national identities, fought racial prejudice and contributed to the political and economic climate of the 20th century. National identities often strengthen when the country is threatened militarily,…show more content…
Since Japan did the bombing in Pearl Harbor, many Americans believed that Japanese Americans could not be trusted. Japanese fought because there was “A Tremendous Hole” in the Constitution and they would not tolerate being treated as less than a citizen. By the end of the war in Europe, the soldiers in 442nd, consisting most of Japanese Americans, were told by President Truman “you fought for the free nations of the world…you fought not only the enemy, you fought prejudice-and you won” (Takaki 349). Yet discrimination still existed. African Americans found themselves being targeted by hate crimes and violence. Many racial riots broke out throughout the country and a group of wounded soldiers decided to speak out. They wrote a letter stating that riots made them think about what are we fighting for, in the hospital ward, we socialize and sleep uncomplaining together. The soldiers all signed the letter at the bottom with their different ethnic identities. Americans were accepting the Chinese because during the war China and America were fighting against Japanese, Nazis, and Germans. Therefore, they became part of the American dream. Many Mexicans were able to come to the United States to train for the military and to find work. Mexican American women had worked with groups of different ethnicities and soon enough, they became friends and realized they had set aside their differences in order to win the war. Native Americans had lost their land to the English colonizers and we put in reservations to call their own. Despite the color of skin, they were forged to work together in the military, which allowed the Indians to speak their native language. Their language seemed very useful for it was used for code
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