Chapter 13 Amsco Essay

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Conflict Over Status of Territories a. Territories gained in Mexican war became focus of sectional dispute i. Wilmot Compromise, 15-15 states b. Free-Soil Movement i. N. Democrats, Whigs supported Wilmot Proviso and all blacks should be excluded from Mexican Cession ii. “free soil, free labor, free men” iii. Preventing extention of slavery, free homesteads, oppurtunites for whites only c. Southern Position i. Saw any attempt to restrict the expansion of slavery as a violation of rights to take/use property as they wished ii. Moderate Southerners wanted to extend Missouri Compromise line of 36* 30’ to Pacific. d. Popular Sovereignty i. Lewis Cass 1. Let people vote for slavery/no slavery for each new state e. The Election of 1848 i. Democrats- Senator Cass, popular sovereignty ii. Whigs- General Zachary Taylor- no stance in slavery iii. Free-Soil party- martin Van Buren 1. Conscience Whigs, antislavery democrats iv. Taylor wins, Cass close 2. Compromise of 1850 a. Gold Rush 1849- 100,000 settlers to CA i. Created need for law ii. Drafted constitution- banned slavery b. Pres. Taylor= slaveholder, supported admission of CA

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