Chapter 12 Essay

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kLOOKING WESTWARD ⁃ million miles of territory ⁃ whole continental US ⁃ ambitious settlers drove manifest destiny Manifest Destiny ⁃ byproduct of nationalism ⁃ America destined by God to expand over large territory ⁃ altruistic; trying to spread American liberty ⁃ 1840s- spread throughout nation ⁃ disagreements as to how far and by what means Racial Justification ⁃ superiority of the American race ⁃ white people of northern european origins ⁃ Indians, Mexicans and westerns were racially unfit Opposition to Further Expansion ⁃ some had limited goals, others envisioned a vast empire of liberty including Canada, Mexico and the Carribean ⁃ some believed force should be used ⁃ there was opposition ⁃ Henry Clay ⁃ feared it would reopen slavery controversies Americans in Texas ⁃ US claimed texas as part of Louisiana purchase, but renounced it in 1819 ⁃ tried to buy it twice, Mexicans refused ⁃ 1820- Mexicans encouraged American immigration into Texas ⁃ hoped it would strengthen economy by giving them more taxes ⁃ liked Americans as a buffer between Mexico and Indian tribes ⁃ thought Americans would become loyal to the Mexican government ⁃ 1824- colonization law passed ⁃ cheap land and four year exemption from taxes ⁃ thousands flowed in ⁃ suitable for cotton growing ⁃ more than twice as many Americans as Texans living there Stephen Austin ⁃ Americans bought land from Mexico and sold them to other Americans ⁃ Stephen Austin was the most successful ⁃ recruited American immigrants ⁃ centers of power ⁃ competed with government ⁃ 1826- revolt to make Texas an independent nation ⁃ Mexicans crushed result and started passing laws to stop immigration ⁃ americans kept flowing in ⁃ dropped ban in 1i833 Tensions Between United States and Mexico ⁃ ties of immigrants to the United States ⁃ desire for

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