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Name: ________________________ Class: ___________________ Date: __________ ID: A MSS Chapter 1 Study Guide True/False Indicate whether the statement is true or false. ____ ____ 1. Growth in the health care industry is expected to slow down over the next ten years. 2. Scope of practice refers to the tasks that a health care professional can legally perform as part of a specific occupation. 3. The educational requirements for obtaining certification in all health care professions are similar. 4. On-the-job training for many health care occupations is being replaced by formal classroom education. 5. Moving up the career ladder usually requires getting additional education in one’s occupational area. 6. Finding the time to study is a problem for many adult learners who have returned to school. ____ ____ ____ ____ Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 7. What is the most important reason why health care professionals should identify potential problems when working with patients? a. Help their employers avoid being sued for malpractice. b. Ensure patient safety and well-being. c. Prevent the wasting of expensive supplies and employee time. d. Earn a good employee evaluation. 8. Which of the following terms describes the condition of being placed on an official list after meeting the educational and testing requirements for an occupation? a. Certification c. Recognition b. Licensure d. Registration 9. A medical assistant who believes that a physician made an error when prescribing a treatment would demonstrate good thinking skills by: a. giving the treatment and asking the physician about it at the next convenient opportunity. b. assuming that the physician is correct and giving the treatment. c. asking the physician before giving the treatment. d. refusing to give the treatment and dismissing the

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