Chapter 1-Review Questions

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Healthcare Customer Service Chapter 1-Review Questions 2 September 2014 1. Service is the action of helping or doing work for someone. It is also a system supplying a public need such as: transport, communications, or utilities such as: electricity and water. It is a type of economic activity. It is the manner in which you and other employees treat your customers and each other as you deliver your company’s deliverables. 2. Some of the earliest forms of customer service are peddlers going from house to house to deliver merchandise or services and doctors going to the sick person’s home and making house visits. 3. Some of the factors that facilitated the shift to a service economy are it being cheaper to manufacture goods overseas and people beginning to realize that service jobs had a better quality of life, so manufacturing jobs became less desirable. 4. Some of causes of the changing business environment in recent decades are businesses are using greener methods for building and distributing items and technology which led to efficient production methods. 5. 6. Human resources deals with the hiring, administration, and training of personnel, so they need to provide employees with the information necessary to be able to satisfy the costumers. 7. Two factors related to an organization’s products or deliverables that lead to customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction are if customers receive what they perceive as a quality product or service to the level that they expected, they will be satisfied. If customers believe that they were sold an inferior product or given an inferior service that does not match their expectations, they will be dissatisfied. 8. 9. The six key components of a customer service environment are the customer, organizational culture, human resources, products or deliverables, delivery systems, and service.

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