Chapter 1 Foundations of Strategic Marketing Management Essay

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CHAPTER 1 Foundations of Strategic Marketing Management The primary purpose of marketing is to create long-term and mutually beneficial exchange relationships between an entity and the publics (individuals and organizations) with which it interacts. Though this fundamental purpose of marketing is timeless, the manner in which organizations undertake it continues to evolve. No longer do marketing managers function solely to direct day-to-day operations; they must make strategic decisions as well. This elevation of marketing perspectives to a strategic position in organizations has resulted in expanded responsibilities for marketing managers. Increasingly, they find themselves involved in charting the direction of the organization and contributing to decisions that will create and sustain a competitive advantage and affect long-term organizational performance. The transition of the marketing manager from being only an implementer to being a maker of organization strategy has resulted in (1) the creation of the chief marketing officer (CMO) position in many organizations and (2) the popularity of strategic marketing management as a course of study and practice. Today, almost onehalf of Fortune 1000 companies have a CMO. Although responsibilities vary across companies, a common expectation is that a CMO will assume a leadership role in defining the mission of the business; analyzing environmental, competitive, and business situations; developing business objectives and goals; and defining customer value propositions and the marketing strategies that deliver on these propositions. The skill set required of CMOs includes an analytical ability to interpret extensive market and operational information, an intuitive sense of customer and competitor motivations, and creativity in framing strategic marketing initiatives in light of implementation considerations and financial

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