Chapter 1: Evidence-Based Practice And The Scientific Method

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Christina Barrios EDSP 670 Chapter 1 Outline Evidence-Based Practice and the Scientific Method Practice: a curriculum, behavioral intervention, systems change, or educational approach designed to be used by families, education, or students with the express expectation that implementation will result in measurable educational, social, behavioral, or physical benefit. (Horner, 2005) Evidence that supports implementation of a practice could be: * Qualitative or quantitative * Clinical or professional judgment * Data collected within the context of a randomized experimental group design or randomized clinical trial * Based on quasi-experimental group, single subject, or qualitative research designs * Qualitative research…show more content…
General Guidelines for Evaluating Supportive Evidence * In determining the rigor of the science supporting a particular policy, procedure, or practice, most professional organizations have recommendations and guidelines for evaluating research study adequacy. * Greater scientific credence has often been assigned to findings based on quantitative research approaches. Randomized experimental group designs are considered “gold standard”. * Internal validity: the extent to which the research design controls for extraneous or confounding variables, variables that could support an alternative explanation for the findings. * External validity/selection bias: the number of study participants and how participants are selected, with greater external validity assigned to studies with a larger number or participants who are randomly assigned to experimental conditions. * Generalization: the extent to which an experimental effect is observed beyond the treatment setting, under natural conditions, and maintained over time. Dissemination of Evidence-Based Practices in

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