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.~ .~ 10 CHAPTER 2 Chemistry Comes Alive CHAPTER PREVIEW This chapter presents the basics of chemistry and biochemistry (the chemistry of living material), providing the background necessary to understand body functions. Basic chemistry, including atoms, molecules, and chemical bonds, along with a description of the most important inorganic and organic molecules, will be provided. SUGGESTED LECTURE OUTLINE Part 1: Basic Chemistry I. Definition of Concepts: Matter and Energy (pp. 27-29) A. Matter (p. 27) 1. States of Matter B. Energy (p. 27) 1. Kinetic vs. Potential Energy 2. Forms of Energy a. Chemical Energy b. Electrical Energy c. Mechanical Energy d Radiant Energy II. Composition of Matter: Atoms and Elements (pp. 29-32) A. Basic Terms (p. 28; Table 2.1) 1. Elements 2. Atoms 3. Atomic Symbols B. Atomic Structure (pp. 28-30; Fig. 1.1) 1. Nucleus a. Protons b. Neutrons 2. Electrons 3. Planetary Model 4. Orbital Model C. Identifying Elements (pp. 30-31; Figs. 2.2-2.3) 1. Atomic Number 2. Atomic Mass Number and Isotopes a. Isotopes ~. . ..--..., Chapter 2: Chemistry Comes Alive 11 3. Atomic Weight D. Radioisotopes (pp. 31-32) 1. Quarks 2. Half-Lives 3. Types of Radioactive Emissions a. Alpha Particles b. Beta Particles c. Gamma Rays 111. How Matter Is Combined: Molecules and Mixtures (pp. 32-33) A. Molecules and Compounds (p. 32) B. Mixtures (pp. 32-33) 1. Characteristics of Mixtures 2. Solutions a. Solvent b. Solute c. Expressing the Concentration of Solutions 3. Colloids 4. Suspensions C. Distinguishing Mixtures from Compounds (p. 33) III. Chemical Bonds (pp. 33-38) A. The Role of Electrons in Chemical Bonding (pp. 33-34; Fig. 2.4) 1. Electron Shells 2. Energy Levels 3. Filling of Electron Shells a. Valence b. Rules

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