Chap 16 Odd Question Paper

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Homework : Chap 16 – odd questions & 18-22 (pg. 455) 1. Blood is defined as that _fluid__ which circulates through the __heart___ __arteries__ _veins___, and capillaries carrying nourishment, _electrolytes__ , _hormones___ , _vitamins___ , anti-bodies, heat and _oxygen__ to the body tissues, and taking away _waste__ _matter_ and _carbon_ _dioxide__ . 3. Blood spun in a centrifuge is composed of ____45_______ percent RBC and ___55______ percent plasma. 4. 5. Blood chemistry includes __acidity___ (acid-base balance), _glucose_ (sugar), _lipids_ (fats), _fibrinogen _ (protein) and enzymes. 7. The importance of medical laboratory departments rests ultimately with the _Record keeping__ of disease. 9.…show more content…
The monochromator separates the wavelengths of light and focuses each of them onto the photodetector sequentially. 13. State the purpose, use, operation, calibration, and maintenance for pH/blood gas analyzer (include diagram and description of a pH glass electrode). * The purpose of the PH and blood gas analyzer is to measures blood pH (acid-base balance) of the blood. The PH/blood gas monitor is uses to gives accurate pH, pC02and po2 determination on the blood sample or other body fluids. Maintenance of pH meters and blood gas analyzers includes frequent adjustment of calibration and replacement of glass electrodes. These electrodes age and require increasing times to produce accurate readings. The glass pH electrode is the heart of the pH meter; it consists of a platinum wire immersed in a highly acidic buffer solution contained within a thin glass bulb. 15. State the purpose, use, operation, calibration, and maintenance for auto-analyzer (include system block diagram ) * Auto analyzer measures blood chemistry and displays on a graphic readout * Accomplished by mixing, reagent reactions, and colorimetric measurements in a continuous stream * System elements

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