Chaos in Healthcare Essay

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This article’s main point is about the chaos in finding the right health care in America and the lack of uniformity in pricing or cost of medical treatment and surgical procedures. Insurance, in my opinion based on what I have learned so far in taking this course is to spread the risk and avoid adverse risk selection. It is only logical that people who are higher risk of being sick pays the higher premium. This is in a way similar how the credit card works. The lower a person’s credit score, the higher the person pays interest on his credit card bills. In reading this article, one dilemma is the lack of transparency with regards to the business practices of these insurance providers. This makes it difficult for the people to compare side by side the cost of acquiring the appropriate health care coverage. Limited choice of insurance is also another dilemma since employee usually adopts the one that the employer offers or recommends. Imperfect information is a big issue that needs to be solved. I agree that government should not provide all the insurance that its citizens needed. However, I strongly believe that we need a watchdog in making or providing us with clear cut regulations on how to deal with these sensitive health care insurance issues. There should be an agency that collects the health care data of its citizens similar to the credit bureau. This is in fairness to the insurance company. After all, insurance company is also a business and it is for

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