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The novel Grendel represents a key conflict between chaos and order that are both portrayed throughout the entire book. More commonly seen, however, was Grendel's issue of creating chaos with his terrorizing of the Danes and his hatred for everything. With Grendel, random chance reigns due to the fact that Grendel had decided that nothing mattered but what he wanted; thus creating a world of complete chaos, which ultimately led to his downfall in the end. Grendel lives his life trying to figure out who he is and what his purpose is supposed to be. In the beginning of the novel, he kills only for need, not for want however, when confronted by the Dragon's lecture about how Grendel should alone decide his own fate, he decides to become the sick monster he really is and makes daily raids to the meadhall at which Hrothgar rules at. When Grendel finally realizes that he is "invulnerable," he finds out that the…show more content…
He had given up on the Shaper- to Grendel, the Shaper was no more than an idiotic preacher of false hope. He ensues into a world of chaos by launching raids on the innocent Danes. He devours Hrothgar's people without a single hint of remorse and finds out that he actually enjoys commiting sick crimes like that. As Grendel notes, "It was as if [Grendel] had made some incredible discovery, like [Grendel's] discovery long ago of the moonlit world beyond the mere" (Gardner 80). Before, contempt with the Shaper's beliefs of peace and good deed, Grendel is now possessed with the happiness of killing for purely no reason at all besides the fact that he finds it fascinating. His mind becomes sick and twisted, thus causing chaos throughout the entire novel. Eventually, Grendel becomes a true monster with absolutely no hint of his past of good will and the Shaper's beliefs. He shows another act of chaos and cruelty during his encounter with the mountain goat. As mentioned by

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