Chaos Behind Prison Walls

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Pregnant and Shackled: The Chaos behind Prison Walls Katrina Young Hodges University Criminal Justice Management CCJ4001 Professor Todd Everly April 10, 2012 Abstract For many decades, crime has been around the United States; from as little as running a red light to committing murder. Some people committed crimes because they were a follower of others and their organization and others because they had to find a way to survive. For instances, those people had to resort to some sort of criminal activity in order to keep up with society; rather it was robbing, stealing, selling drugs, or even committing fraud. The prison walls begin to fill at an increased rate from those who have been caught, convicted, and reprimanded to serve time…show more content…
Female inmate’s medical and mental health issues are one of the biggest concerns approached by correctional officers and their facility. Unlike their male counterparts, female prisoners tend to suffer more from injuries, illnesses, and diseases and require more use of health services. Despite knowing the concerns of these individuals, correctional institutions continue to offer inappropriate accommodations to the health care of women…show more content…
“Every woman of childbearing age should be assessed for pregnancy risk by inquiring about menstrual history, heterosexual activity, and contraceptive use and tested for pregnancy, as appropriate, to enable the provision of adequate perinatal care and abortion services” (American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, 2011, para. 3). If someone should come back as being pregnant, their medical care should follow the specific course of action of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Incarcerated women who choose to continue on with the pregnancy should have access to regularly scheduled, unscheduled, or emergency OBYGN visits on a twenty-four hour basis. If incarcerate pregnant women are need of medically necessary, specialized care that is not available at the correctional facility, access should be granted of such care at a subsidiary medical facility with suitable expertise. Along with proper care, prenatal classes instructed by medical personnel outlining nutritional needs, ways to maintain a healthy pregnancy while incarcerated, and childbirth should be made available on a weekly basis to inmates. Prompt screening of substance abuse of any incarcerated pregnant woman is extremely important to the health of both the mother and the fetus. “Identification of pregnant women who are addicted to opioids facilitates provision of

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