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Probability in Real life Today, in our unpredictable and random world, you come across a situation in your life, where you ask yourself the question ‘what are the odds of this happening?’ Now, imagine yourself walking down the street when you meet an old comrade, what was the chance that your friend would have come to the exact same place at the exact same time as you, or when a cop gives you a penalty the one time you decide to litter, and you wonder ‘what are the odds of this happening?’, well, if you must know, this is the result of the spontaneous nature of life. A probability is a the number between one and zero, it can also be referred to as a percentage, for instance, if the probability or chance of a fatally poisonous snake biting you is 50 percent while you’re gone on a fieldtrip, then your chance of surviving are 2 to 1. We encounter likelihood in everyday of our life; we may sometimes predict outcomes or it may sometimes catch us off guard. Even if sometimes we neglect it, Probability is one of the most important aspects of our life that works in many ways, so knowing math can assist us every day. First of all, the term chance can apply to a group (what are the chances t of getting cancer in children?) or an individual (what are the probabilities that a man will win the lottery?), and it can also be symbolized with many things such as proportions (0.90) or percentages (90%) or maybe even words like possibility, However, the main idea is this it all comes down to long-term chance; this means that when you analyze a particular process you think about and predict those various outcomes that might take place. for instance , if the probability of bad weather is 30 percent , doesn’t that suggest that tomorrow will be a sunny day just because the percentage is less that percent? Well no, because a meteorologist would have deduces that the chances of rain

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