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Luxury Marketing [Name of Writer] [Name of Institution] Executive Summary One of the first contrasts between the luxury products section and different portions is the way that the previous does not utilize the conventional marketing strategies to speak to its consumers. The present paper looks to analyze the buying behavior models of the luxury brand Chanel and the courses in which it is imparted by giving actual case. Also, this study will talk about the negative point for the luxury brand and proposal will be paid at last in relation to other 'luxury brand touch points'. Luxury Marketing Introduction The French product Chanel is the luxury brand established by Gabrielle Chanel in 1909 (Chanel, 2013). Chanel’s success is credited because the attention that it gives to various segments of customer, its use of luxury brand components in advertising and video promoting in publications of luxury brand which it was likewise broadcasted by Luxury Daily as Luxury Marketer in the year of 2013. Chanel targets ladies with high salaries between 23 and 80 age. The most simple strategy to talk to more young buyers was to incorporate VIP underwriting with on-screen Kristin Stewart actress in advertising promotion (Abbing, 2010). Other technique to speak its young customers is via digital media, which includes the versatile procedure, commercials on online buyer interaction and on Hulu. As far as this current, Chanel's luxury brand picture in consumer minds exceedingly takes up with its center products, premium evaluating procedure, quality and feel (Chanel, 2013). Chanel is the luxury brand for mold accessories, watches, jewelry, cosmetics product, scents and healthy skin. Because of the reality, it is still one of only a valuable few luxury brands that don't offer its products on the media, which, despite, does not change its performance, as it remains the best

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