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Changing the World: Ellen Degeneres Essay

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Changing the world

An individual’s apparent behavior and attitude indicates their character. It can either be strong or weak, perhaps good or bad. These two, simple adjectives differ greatly from each other. An energetic, driven, deterministic, positive thinking, self-disciplinary person with willpower and nerve defines strong character – someone who will and can attract followers. These qualities that are shown in leaders and individuals have made them successful in life because they posses such traits. We see these traits through history with big names such as Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and even an inspiration of Christianity, Jesus Christ.1

    But it isn’t necessary to be someone who has helped to bring slavery to a stop, nor even to heal the wounds of apartheid.1 There are many ways to change the world, even better, to take part in making it a better place. And in this case, I believe that Ellen DeGeneres deserve recognition.
    Ellen DeGeneres, also referred to as simply Ellen, is not only a daytime talk show hostess who makes her audience throw their heads back in laughter, but also a remarkable human being who uses her celebrity success to make the world a better place. Ellen invests whatever is necessary to heal the hurts of others who have been affected by the loss of a family member, a home or someone who suffers with an illness or economic problems. She does that by managing her recourses in order to freely out of kindness, give to those in need, showing consideration and personal, sincere concern for others.

    Ellen daily receives thousands of letters from viewers that frequently utter their struggling friend’s, family’s or family member’s life, who despite their own difficulties maintain to be compassionate, thoughtful and helpful towards others. Ellen provides these thousands of people with houses, cars, school fees, gift cards, and enormous quantities of supplies such as groceries, clothes and cash. By...

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