Changing The Future Essay

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Changing the Future According to a poll, provided by, a non-profit non-partisan organization, ninety percent of the one hundred, ninety two million phone holders in the United States of America are able to send text messages. (Mobile Voter) Without a doubt, this statistic has risen over the past three years. Instant Messaging, texting, and emails are now the newest fascination amongst people which enables them to get their needed information more efficiently and immediately. Younger generations are thriving on these technological advances and are frequently using “txt talk” while text messaging, instant messaging, and even in school work. Txt talk is a new form for writing the English language by abbreviating words and sentences to speed up the text messaging or instant messaging process. It is surely common to see text messages or instant messages that read something like this, “I’m @ home this wkend. Call me l8er!” Many people do not recognize that the latest technological innovations that deal with communicating with others are changing the English language because using technology is an up to date and hip way of conversing. In spite of this, as younger generations get older, and technology becomes even more dominant in our culture, the English language will continue to evolve. People will soon add diverse vocabulary to their speaking, struggle with language barriers, and also change how he or she may write through different medias. The Internet became very popular prior to the 21st Century, and almost anyone was able to access a computer and look up information that was needed. As the Internet became a more prominent way to gather specific information, and also become a form of entertainment to the population, people were then drawn to instant messaging, also known as an IM. Instant messaging was a free way to communicate with people,
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