Changing Role of Women Essay

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One of the biggest controversial topics between 1715 and now was the role of women. Many historians believed that women played little if not no role during this time. Upon my research, I discovered that the role of women changes throughput history and in fact they did have a role that greatly contributed to our life now. This paper will focus on the role of women and how their role changes throughout the Scientific Revolution, Age of Enlightenment, Industrial Revolution and World War I. The Scientific Revolution began in the year 1550 and this era is known for the different approaches scientist took upon their studies. What led to the scientific revolution was the falsifiability of the Ptolemaic system. The Ptolemaic system believed that Earth was the center of the universe but with the observations of scientist Nicolaus Copernicus, we later learn that the Earth and the planets revolved around the sun, also known as the Heliocentric Theory. After this event, many scientists asked themselves if what they had believed in was true, so they all began depending on observation instead of just accepting what others did. Tycho Brahe and Johannes Keppler were also greatly admired during the scientific revolution. Tycho Brahe conducted careful observations for 20 years of the Earths position. When he passed away, Johannes Keppler confirmed his hypothesis that Earth rotates in a spherical motion not circular. (Cole, Joshua., and Symes 524). Although the Western Civilization II book shows only the accomplishments of males, there are women who have contribute to Scientific Revolution, in fact, it is learned that women were only allowed to help their male husband or relatives during the Scientific Revolution. Katherine Lady Renelagh was scientist Robert Boyle older sister. The way she contributed was by giving Boyle a home in London so that he can, “…pursue his thoughts, his
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