Changing Role of the Teacher

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The Changing Role of The Teacher In Schools Today. Introduction This essay will examine the changing role of the teacher and how their role has changed over time. Whilst discussing the current role of the teacher it will include reference to the interview carried out with someone who attended school over twenty years ago. It will also include my own opinion of what the current role of the teacher is whilst considering the wider workforce, the changing classroom, technology and the curriculum. Throughout the essay it will examine how these factors have affected the role of the teacher. Whilst discussing these factors it will underline the practical implications of the Every Child Matters Agenda, workforce remodelling, extended schools and The White Paper. To help me widen my understanding of the changing role of the teacher today this essay will also think about other perspectives in relation to my own. Then concluding the essay with closing points on how the role of the teacher has changed over the years and what factors have made this happen. The current role of the teacher The role of the teacher has to meet the needs and demands of today’s culture. In order for teachers to meet the requirements of individuals learning, the focus of education should be the personalisation and application of relevant knowledge not random facts (Johnson and McElroy, 2010). This shows that during teachers making learning relevant and not just teaching any subject each week then students will be more motivated. Button (1989) believes the purpose of learning at school is for the teacher to help pupils understand the world they live in. Hargreaves (1994) furthers this idea by stating that what goes on inside the classroom is closely related to what goes on outside the classroom. The national curriculum council (1989 cited in Henson 1988) stated legislation will not specify
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