Changing Perspective Speech

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Change is a concept that can be understood as a transformation or alteration rather than a substitute of a preceding notion. In the context of changing perspective it involves assessing old attitudes and adopting new ones. Good morning ladies and gentlemen. The texts that I have studied, “Looking for Alibrandi”, a film by Kate Woods, and “My Father Began as a God” ,a poem by Ian Mudie, both present change as an adjustment of perspective through the development of a central character, juxtaposition, hyperbole and dialogue. The central character is the vehicle for the composer’s exploration of change as an amendment in the texts. A tragedy can often lead to this, as it manipulates the individual to reassess how precious life is. When Josie’s best friend and soul mate John Barton commits suicide, she is filled with melancholy and resentment. She re-evaluates the past, questioning the vanity of some of her concerns. She learns that brilliance, good looks, prosperity and admiration are not the only, nor the best goals, in life. To illustrate this notion to the responder, Kate Woods employs non-diegetic pleonastic music, a soft sorrowful soundtrack, sequentially with high angle mid shots, which demonstrates the inconceivable grief that Josie feels at this pivotal point in the film. The perception that change is inevitable is particularly evident in Mudie’s poem. As the protagonist in the poem develops from adolescence to adulthood, he matures and his perspective of his farther changes. At first his interpretation of his father is to be a “god like” figure, a powerful man who no one dared argue with. As the son grows into adolescence and into adulthood however, he sees his father as becoming less significant “a foolish small old man with silly and outmoded views on life and morality”. It is not until the death of his father that he is able to recognise him as a man with
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