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Simone Morallis Changing our lives essay 4/15/2013 ,English 090 Every decision in life has its pros and cons. Unfortunately enough college Has more pros. Unfortunate because I Dred school, but I know in the long run it will help. Although all of my decisions are up to me ,There are a few things that influenced my decision to go to college. Those things are my mom, dad, and TV commercials. Those things may not sound major reasons to go to college but they are the reasons that changed my choice to further my education. In high school I was always the golden child. I always did my homework and made honor role. Everyone assumed I would be headed off to college as soon as I graduated high school but that wasn’t the case. 18 years of school got tiring so I decided to take a break from school. It was fine for a while but it didn’t take to long for my mom to realize I was home all the time. She would ask me everyday if I enrolled in college yet and I would always say no. she talked to her friends and family about me going to college quiet often. She wanted me to be her first child to go to college and graduate. That’s how she always saw me. I wanted to make her proud, I wanted her to say I’m proud of her because she finally did it. I enrolled in college just to see her smile . when other grown ups ask her about her child. She doesn’t have to talk about my job or my hobbies she can say my daughter goes to Strayer. Another thing that influenced my decision is my dad. Me and my dad have not always seen eye to eye. We can go days without seeing or talking to each other living in the same house. My dad always had this high expectation for me as all parents do. He would always get upset when I didn’t have my stuff together. Approaching my dad wasn’t on my list of things to do in my life. I never talked to him because I didn’t want him to be angry at me. Although me

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