Changing Our Lives Essay

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Student: Topics: Changing our lives Class: ENG090 Instructor Name: John D. Nazelrod In the past couple of years many things in my life have encouraged me to change my life by following my education. My wife and my two beautiful daughters gave me courage and confidence to better myself by going back to school. I have seen and gone through so many things that made me come to this decision. My first and greatest reason why I decided to go back to school is my wife and my two beautiful daughters. Chelsea in her 2nd year and Destiny just 7 months has made me grow up and become a more mature individual. As a head of house hold, I have to provide for me and my family and put my children on the right path. Giving my family a better future is my biggest concern. My second reason is my family in Africa (my mom and elder sister). I have seen many people in my family struggle with jobs and money. Although when I was growing up I had everything I wanted and more, I saw others in my family who had almost nothing. After seeing some of the ones that i loved and cared for struggling as much as they did, I told myself I was not going to put my future family or myself through that. It also made me want to work harder towards my goals and dreams.I want to show my family that I am a hard worker and want to do the best I can in life, not only for myself but for other people in my family. My final eason why I decided to attend college again was for myself. I want to better myself as a person and as a mother. I want to have a great stable career for myson. Also to be a good role modle to my younger cousins in my family. I want to show them that with hard work comes great results and happiness. In conclusion, my whole reason for coming back to school is for my son. Also for my family and for myself. To show everyone

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