Changing Our Lives Essay

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Changing Our Lives Essay By: Jessica Spiegel July 23, 2012 Instructor: Kamille Stone-Stanton I decided to return to school at this time because my son is now 3 years of age and it is much easier to work on school work. I can watch him learn and grow. I can not only teach him that education is always good but I also can work full-time. I was able to get my Associates degree before he was born back in 2006. I tried to get my Bachelor degree when I was pregnant with him but then after he was born I spent most of my time taking care of him because I am a single parent. Now he is 3 ½ years old and can pretty much occupy himself with either watching educational movies or playing with his toys. I can watch him learn and grow because I am home doing my studies instead of off in a classroom somewhere. I watch him grow because I’m home and can see how he changes from day to day and when it comes to watching him learn I get to teach him different things from his ABCs and his 123s. I need and like being home so that I can be there while he is learning, since he was born 3 weeks premature and has a speech delay. I will be able to teach him that education is very important to continue. I am the only one that can show him this because I am his mom and by me continuing my education I am positive role model for him. My sister and my mom also went back to school and got their degrees one in Massage Therapy and my mom got a certificate in Medical Assisting. In conclusion, I am very glad I have chosen to return to school to get my bachelor degree. By going to school online, I can spend time with my son and boyfriend who is also working on his bachelor degree. I get to watch my son grow and learn. I also get to better myself and mine and my sons life by achieving my

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