Changing of Our Lives. Essay

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've tried attending colleges in the past and always ran into issues, from payments to waiting long times for the VA to switch over my benefits. It just never seemed to work out for me, no matter how much I hungered for the knowledge and the chance at a college education. I picked now of all times, not only because I am employed and able to make the payments to continue going, but because it felt right. Out of everything that occurred in my dealings with various Universities, this time it just fell into place without the need of a push or shove. I have been a computer enthusiast since touching my first desktop one decade ago and decided then that anything dealing with computers would be right for me. This dream I have, of being a top name in the field of IT, it's what pushed me in making the decision to try again. Rejection is cruel and facing it again would have made me lose all hope in trying to get where I wanted to in life. The biggest influence was when I attended a conference for electronics and got to speak with amazing minds in the field. We exchanged a few words here and there, but the main thing they mentioned was that I needed proof of what I knew, proof of what I learned. That proof could only come from graduating college with a BSIS in Computer security. Giving up wasn't an option and with my friends and family behind me, I knew this was something I could make come true. We all want a successful future that makes a six-figure salary, but greatness doesn't happen over night. In fact it takes hard work, blood, sweat, and tears to get there. I'm a stubborn individual, maybe even too stubborn at times, but for once that stubbornness is paying off and I'm certainly going to make the most out of this chance. Though I may be starting in the refresher courses, it's just as life dictates; one-small step in the right direction that can lead to a journey of

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