Changing Nature of Warfare Essay

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1. This source tells us that Truman decided to use the atomic bomb against Japan to attain a quick victory, to minimize the American casualties and to completely destroy Japan. 2. The main concept of the Mutually assured destruction theory is that if one super power, the Soviet Union or the USA, attacked the other, then they would effectively destroy the attacker and defender. Because of this the theory had two aspects that contradicted each other.(Do I need the first part?) The first key feature of the mad theory was that it encouraged both of the super powers to keep progressing in the development and production of the nuclear weapons. This meant that both countries used up much of their resources for this development. The theory also highly encouraged both of the countries to not use their weapons would destroy both of them. The second key feature was the success of the theory. It worked well because no one actually attacked anyone. This was due to the fact that both nations just quietly developed weapons, trying to be the best but not be destroyed at the same time. In conclusion the key features of the MAD theory were, it both encouraged the countries to build weapons but not use them and it success through those guidelines. 3. The development of nuclear weapons brought the most changes to warfare as it added the ability to destroy masses of land very quickly and wipe out populations. However theses weapons have not been used post 1945 as they would produce a same retaliation and the world would be destroyed. The atomic bombs were first used against an enemy at the end of World War Two, 1945. The bombs were ordered for launch by president Truman by the US. The bobs were dropped on two cities, Hiroshima then three days later Nagasaki. There were immediate effects which were the destruction of the majority of the cities, people were killed by the explosion,
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