Changes That Occured in the Renaissance

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WHAT CHANGES HAPPENED DURING RENAISSANCE? WHY DID THESE CHANGES HAPPEN? The Renaissance is referred to as a time of great social and cultural change. During the Renaissance there have been many significant changes in the period that were inspired by a revival of the classical art and intellect of Ancient Greece and Rome. From the arts, architecture and buildings, literature and science have changed where each gained more perspective and knowledge around it, creating a wider understanding of the world and beyond. Change that occurred in the Renaissance happened for new discoveries were found and brought back the Ancient Greek and Roman discoveries back. People had a larger and broader knowledge and with patrons to support them, they were able to work to their ability to prove and express their abilities. Art in the Renaissance era had still been based on religious artwork but gained more perspective, creating three dimensional arts and making features more detailed. One of the changes in the arts was the discovery of the human anatomy. Back in time, before the Renaissance occurred, the human anatomy was not accurately drawn but had a brief outline. Leonardo Da Vinci was one of the scientists to discover the accuracy of a human anatomy by drawing, taking notes based on what he saw on corpses and people. Sculpting was a significant piece of art which lead to many patrons to support sculptors skilled in this ability of art. In the Renaissance, the first ‘nude’ sculpture (statue of David) made since the Roman Times. The statue of David is still standing and has been called a landmark in the history of civilisation. The main cause to the change in the arts in the Renaissance was the discovery of perspective. The paintings and drawing had a vanishing point where all the lines drawn meet. The vanishing point created the perspective to the artwork as a three
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