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Changes in Society Essay

  • Submitted by: Tombomb1
  • on December 2, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Tommy Watkins
The changes in today’s society are very noticeable from the days gone by. The advances of technology have changed our everyday lives. The changes of social interactions have become more advanced causing people to lose the face to face communications. The quality of our medical technology has advanced by a great deal. When we look back on the years gone by we will see that the world for better or worse has changed.
The use of social media has increased exponentially in the years since the internet was brought into existence. Public media has made it so That the use of such sites as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr has allowed a person to never have to actually speak to someone in person or by phone. A person who is hooked on the internet all the time will most likely develop an anti-social problem where he or she will have a fear of having to leave the house and either having to talk to someone or someone even touching them. Privacy issues should be a major concern for those who use a site like Facebook when everyone can view your personal information. The use of a social network has proven a disaster to some people when their identity is stolen and used illegally to make purchases that end up having to be paid by the original person. It seems that mostly what is posted in theses social sites are deemed acceptable by today’s standards even if that be full nudity. In the past a person who was deemed to be scantily clad was put in jail for indecent exposure. Social networking has change what we see as acceptable in today’s society by removing a person inhibitions.
In bygone days a person would have to actually do things for themselves. A person in the past wanting to have clean clothes would have had to get the washing board out and actually do it by hand. To wash the dishes meant that they had to be put into sink and washed and dried by hand. In the past when you wanted to get anything done it had to be done in person. The advances of technology have...

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