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Change, change is something that presses us out of our comfort zone. Change can challenge you, it can destroy you, and most importantly it can define you.Change can be feared upon, for even positive change can leave one in fear, like the first day of school or a new job. In both Looking for Alibrandi by Melina Marchetta, and the door by Miroslav Holub, through these texts, the composers shape our understanding of change by demonstrating how it can be gradual, how it is natural and how our perspectives can change. In looking for alibrandi, Josies thinking changes immensely, from negativity, towards her family and culture, to a new understanding and perspective towards life. The change i can relate to mostly is the relationship change between…show more content…
Some people have trouble facing change, wanting things to remain the same, and some people adapt well to change. Change can be confronting, it can take you on an emotional roller coaster, or it can be rewarding. The way we adapt to change, will help us grow and mature, therefore helping us learn and improve ourselves. Miroslav Holubs poem "The door" focuses on embracing new perspectives and embracing change. The metaphor of opening the door, suggests we should open ourselves up. It suggests we will see magical things outside, but it also says its possible we will see something confronting such as fog in this case in this poem, but the fog will clear, in other words we will understand and be rewarded in time. The change was caused by someone stepping outside their comfort zone and looking outside the door.' Miroslav Holub's poem is an argument for new perspectives, his message is don't fear change; embrace it, for after all, it will be rewarding in some way. In a sense we’re always changing and always staying the same. When I compare my self of today with my self from a few years ago, I observe that I’m the same but much more. I’m the same in how I think and process information but relationships and experience has changed the way I interpret everything. Every day adds a new layer of

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