Changes In Hip Hop Subculture

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Changes in Hip Hop Subculture The history of Hip hop subculture has come a long way and has made many changes along its way. Hip hop as it may seem started off as being positive and coming from the heart and having meaning to now people becoming a part of it and not even knowing the real meaning of its background. Now, it is said that many people are in the “rap game” just for the love of money and not because it’s something that they really love to do. Hip hop started in the late 60s early 70s in the Bronx, New York. Clive Campbell, known as DJ Kool Herc, is the credited as being the pioneer of hip hop in the United States. “Kool Herc was inspired by the Jamaican tradition of impromptu poetry during toast, and thus decided to accompany it with rhythmic beats generated by sampling. “ (Chan) Hip hop offered the youth a way to express themselves and bought forth new ideas. Hip hop was a way youths in black inner city neighborhoods to express what they were feeling, seeing, and living and to many it became a form of entertainment. Back in the days as some people may call it hip hop was a way that a certain person felt and the things that they would say was things that happens in real life everyday situations. Rapping to these later rappers was in their hearts and soul they would eat, sleep, and breathe hip hop whenever they got the chance. Hip hop was created out of the blue it wasn’t planned or anything it’s something that just happened and came about. “When youth culture confronted an urban dystopian spectacle (unemployment, segregation, housing, and other forms of environmental violence) in the 1970s, it tried to revise its negative effects with a new vision” (Brunson III). Rapping was used as a way for the youth to stay out of trouble and keep themselves occupied. It is also a way that they can get involved. It was noted that the increasing significance

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