Changes in Africa Between 16th and 18th Century

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Africa was a continent that was relatively unknown to most civilized countries until it would become a integral part in history in the development of the modern day earth. Africa offered foreign countries resources that no other region had between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries. As a result this caused for countries to colonize Africa in what became known as the “Scramble for Africa”. The transformation that occurred in Africa between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries that came about as a result of the political, social, and economical changes that occurred in Africa help to propel Africa into a continent that would be a developed area. The changes that occurred in Africa caused for Africa to become a premier area on the rise as a result of European influence. The social changes in Africa caused for Africa to have a series of public reformations which caused for Africa to become a more civilized area. Bethwell Ogot prominent historian and author of African Political, Economics and Social Structures During this Time Period analyzed how the religion had a major impact on the societal changes in Africa, “In the religious area, European and Middle Eastern philosophies and religions in Africa began to impinge, with Christianity and Islam becoming political forces in new areas”(Ogot 24). Islam and Christianity would play a significant part in the social changes of Africa because it allowed for the development of Africa into a more civilized area. These two religions were brought to Africa from foreign countries therefore the presence of foreign nations would play a significant role in the development of Africa. Therefore the social change in Africa came about as a result of the influence of foreign countries. Islam would be the more dominant of the two religions with more people following it than Christianity. In modern times Africa would become a Islamic
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