Changes and Continuities of the Rome 100ce-600ce Essay

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Rome encountered many changes during the time frame of 100ce-600ce. Although there were events in Rome that remained during this time – for example, the laws of the Roman Empire because there were no problems with it – Rome encountered many changes – for example, the spread of Christianity that was due to Constantine’s choice of making it the official religion and the collapse of the Western Roman Empire that was due to external and internal conflicts. There were many changes that Rome encountered during this time one of which was the spread of Christianity. At first it was the pagan religion that was most popular, but Christianity took over. Also because the Roman Empire was such an important and large portion of Europe, it spread extremely quickly. This led to Christianity becoming so much more well-known globally. This was mainly caused by the emperor of the time, Emperor Constantine, when he declared Christianity as the official religion of the Roman Empire. The change was welcomed by some and imposed by some. This is because it depends on how the people themselves felt about Christianity – whether they believed in it or not. Also this was not the decision of the people but solely of the emperor. However, it can argued that it was welcomed because the emperor welcomed and even demanded it. Another change that Rome encountered was the fall of the Western Roman Empire which occurred in 476ce. There were multiple factors, external and internal, that caused the fall of the Western Roman Empire. The main external factor was the barbarians and their attacks while the main internal factor was political disagreements. The barbaric attacks were just one of the final blows to the empire after all of the other factors built up to its weakening. The attacks were very heavy and were also from Asiatic and Germanic invaders. There were also other external factors, but this

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