Changed Perspective Essay

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Situations in life arise where a person might change how they view certain circumstances differently depending on their views. It took me a while to think about a situation in particular that I have changed my views on, but in the end I have a perfect situation which happened to my family. I have recently moved into a rental home in which our landlord lives out of state. We never met our landlord and understood from the previous tenants she was out of state waiting for her husband to get a donor organ. From the information I gained from the previous tenant, the landlord Cheryl had been waiting for her husband to get a donated organ for quite some time. I also was told about her son who had a tragic accident at a young age and was paralyzed. It sounded to me that Cheryl was having hard issues in her life. After moving in, I became her main contact for our home. I took the time to talk to Cheryl since she never met us and tried to explain how respectful we are of her home and offered to help in any way we could. Cheryl was a very nice lady, very interested in the type of people we were and a little about our backgrounds. After speaking with Cheryl, I walked away knowing her to be kind but a little unique but I couldn’t place my finger on exactly was different about her. During December of last year, we had a really bad ice and snow storm. The ice and snow storm was the worst Oregon has seen in over 20 years. Our home is on a hillside surrounded by beautiful trees but during the ice storm we were placed into a dangerous situation. As the ice solidified on the trees we had a total of 8 trees fall on our home and 1 blocking the road out of our home. Being three days prior to Christmas, my family had to pack up that day and hike down the hill about a mile to the post office to be picked up by my mother. We were afraid that as the ice storm got worse the trees would
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