How to change an undesirable habit or personality trait

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How to change an undesirable habit or personality trait Habits are those routine things that we do everyday, often without thinking twice about them. What changes a habit into a bad habit is when the actions have a negative impact on your life, your feelings about yourself, your health or your relationships. Bad habits may cause you to miss opportunities, avoid certain situations and even give others misleading information about your personality. They can come in many forms such as social vices like smoking and drinking, or personal practices like procrastinating or lying. However, interestingly, most undesirable habits or personality traits stem from the same problem unsettles sentiments that motivates us to perform action that we later on regret and the best way to change or remove such a habit or trait is to overcome or release this emotion. Changing a bad habit or personality trait is possible with the ability to identify the problem, determination and support. Firstly, determine the habit or trait that is in question and bring yourself to see that it is detrimental to your lifestyle. Be honest with yourself. Determine the habits and traits you want to change and acknowledge that undesirable habit or personality trait. For example, smoking is the habit you want to kick. Acknowledge that smoking is bad for health and research the type of diseases you can get if you smoke too much. Identify the problem that is hurting yourself and/or the people around you. By identifying the problem and knowing that people close to you hurt by your actions, you would want to get rid of it as soon as possible to not let your family and friends worry for you. If you feel that you are having problems and you need someone to talk you, share your feelings with your friends or a family member. After

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