Change Theory Essay

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Over the past year, I have seen the change theory in myself. I had a baby May 2011 and 3 weeks later, his dad left us for a younger girl. I was so down on myself. I thought I did something wrong. I felt like I was not good enough because I just had a baby and did not look good anymore. I met his dad in high school so he meant a lot to me and for him to leave after I had his son really took a toll on me. Therefore, I decided to change. It was time to get over him. If he thought it was okay to leave me with a newborn then he was not worth my time anymore. It was time to move on. Precontemplation- My family told me I was obsessed with him. I would deny it. He’s my son’s father. I loved him. Contemplation- Eventually I knew I had to make a change but I did not want to. I still wanted us to be together and be a family like we were supposes to be. Preparation- I decided I was ready to change. My son did not deserve to see me upset over his dad all the time. Action- I started going out and hanging out with friends. Seeing the brighter side of life. I met other people who were in my shoes as well. Maintenance- I continued to hang out with my friends and not let him get to me. I moved to Indiana and he stayed in Iowa. I knew that would help a lot. Relapse- Once I was okay with the fact that he left I started dating other people. Then he broke it off with his girlfriend and moved to Indiana. That is when everything changed. I hoped everyday that he would ask for me back but it did not happen. It never well and I live with that everyday. I live each day at a time and look at the one good thing that came out of the relationship. My beautiful one-year-old son. The one person who will never give up on
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