Change Over Time: Industrial Revolution

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Change Over Time Essay: Industrial Revolution Between the years of 1700-1850, the Industrial Revolution began in Britain. The movement towards industrialization changed not only the economy but also the family life and social structure. The technological advantages over the world would cause Britain’s front position of world society and contributed to the colonization of many areas of the world. The new industrialization caused mostly a detriment to the family and the social life. Due to the Industrial Revolution, children’s role in the family and society began to change. Although children have always contributed, in some way, to the family’s economy or life, their role in society and economy changed. However, although the amount of time family spent together change; the importance of religion in society stayed the same. In the 1700’s, before the Industrial Revolution had taken place, England was a typically calm and peaceful environment. Most English families owned some land; most of the landowners were wealthy farmers while the poorer farmers depended on the commons to support their families. On these lands, farmers and other people would grow their food, and other crops. They were self sufficient, meaning the people made their own food and clothes. The society was primogeniture meaning the land or the fortune would only be obtained through inheritance to the oldest song. Families had a limited amount of resources so the only sources of their power would be their land, animals and water. In villages, transportation would be very simple. People simply traveled by foot since there was a limited type of transportation. The only type of transportation was walking by foot or horse-drawn wagons. This impaired them from traveling more than two point five miles away from their homeland. Since they could not travel far, most domestic chores or jobs were done near or
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