Change over Time

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Analyze the changes and continuities in commerce in the Indian Ocean Region from 650 C.E to 1750 C.E The Indian Ocean trade began in 650 A.D. and lasted until 1750. When the Indian Ocean trade first started out it was very elementary, but over the years there were many advancements. The eagerness to have more goods increased and so did technology. These factors made the Indian Ocean trade more efficient. Trade in the Indian Ocean was affected by different changes of many political powers and it was the main factor of spreading of religion, and linking cultures. Then Indian Ocean trade route kept transporting the same goods, but the way these goods were transported from place to place changed as technology advanced. The trade route in the Indian Ocean stayed the same by trading the same goods as they did in the beginning, such as ivory, wood and exotic animals from India from Africa in early trade and also traded spices with India such as: pepper, cinnamon, and ginger. Also, this route stayed the same culturally by having the same continuous spread of religious ideas like Muslim merchants who held the religion together by sharing a common belief and language. The political aspect of The Indian Ocean trade route stayed the same by evolving and successfully growing under the rule of strong empires. Trade routes extended all the way to Song China when under the rule of 10th century C.E Fatimad Empire and expanded even more under the control of the Yuan Empire in the 14th century. The technology of how the goods were transported advance with the times as well, going from planks tied together with palm fibers and controlled by the monsoons to bigger, more efficient ships that didn't come around until the 13th century. When the 16th century rolled around technology advanced even more and ships like the dhow and the junk came out, which could carry from 400 to over
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