Change Of Heart Book Report

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A refreshing and new premise for YA but a tragically real situation for some, Change of Heart throws into question the value of life as a teenager. The natural mindset is invincibility but what happens when a teen goes from running across a soccer field to being high on a heart transplant list less than a month later? Though there have been other heart transplant books, this one is unique both in premise and execution. Emmi is a well balanced character at the start, having some teenage moments but overall, motivated and determined. Her relationship with her parents is good more often than not and her love of soccer apparent. She is a strong athlete, a good friend, and has a bright future. But when she falls sick and the infection infiltrates her heart, things change. Her reactions, though irritating on the surface with her fits and tantrums, is understandable and heartbreaking. Her struggle to comprehend what is happening and her resistance to both the prospect of death and a long rather than short recovery lend reason to her responses. Each time she lashes out, it is clear she is lashing out at the situation more than the person. Throughout the entire book, she grows tremendously as…show more content…
Wrenching but memorable, stunning and remarkable, this book is one that will make a reader appreciate their own life and health as well as give the reminder no one is invincible, regardless of age. Big events can drastically change a person and Maurer has portrayed that fantastically. Two fold with meaning, Change of Heart also stresses the important of organ donation and making those wishes clear in advance. It is simple to sign up to donate, many states even asking on driver's license applications/renewals. Without donors, someone like Emmi could be left waiting- sometimes too long- and this urgency also comes across as boldly as everything else Maurer has incorporated into this
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