Change of Characters Thorough Out the Film of "Remember the Titans" Essay

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In this essay, I will be talking about how coach Yoast’s beliefs and personality changed through out the film “Remember The Titans”. At the start Yoast was a selfish person that does not accept the black people, but Yoast started to work with those black people when they are were in the camp at Gettysburg College, and at last they turned out working well with each other. The film “Remember The Titans” is based on a true story that happened in 1971 in Virginia. During that time public schools were required to merge meaning the blacks and the whites will be attending to the same school. This was happening in T.C William High . Bill Yoast was the head football coach, but when the school merged his head coach job was taken by a new black coach, Herman Boone. Although they had a rough start, but at last everything turned out fine. As mentions, Coach Yoast was the football head coach in the first place, but one day when a black coach, Boone, turned up in his office, it suddenly gave Yoast a shock. As Boone introduced himself, Yoast was really annoyed and he said, “The school board put you on my staff, I did not hire you!”. This shows that Yoast was annoyed that a black person would be working for him. His attitude showed that he didn’t really want to accept the truth with the merging. Hateful ideas are express by the was that Yoast talks. How does he begin the change ? How ever Yoast had to accept the truth. Before school started the coaches hosted a camp at the Gettysburg College to ensure the black and white kids could work together. This was also the turning point of Coach Toast’s attitude, belief and personality. Before the camp Yoast had disagreements about working with the black people. During the camp yoast learned a lot of things from Boone. Boon taught yoast how fine actually is for different races can work together well, how he should base his opinion of a

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